Riverside Sunset View


Sauraha is another fantastic venue to view sunrise and sunset. Observing such divinely pleasure, you may feel sun being born off the earth itself. At the end of the main road in Sauraha lies the Rapti River. It’s a calm wide river that on one side has a dense jungle and on the other side a row of hotels, tables and chairs. The idea is that you can sit on the chair and enjoy the sunset over the river with the jungle in the background.

Chepang Hill Trek


Chepang are indigenous community of Nepal residing in the hilly region. The Chitwan Chepang Hill Trek offers a rare combination of cultural and sightseeing experience. The Chitwan Chepang Hill Trek begins at Hugdi, between Mugling and Krishna Bhir in Dhading district about 80 km from Kathmandu, and ends in Shaktikhor.

Bishajari Lake


Besides the activities of national park, another attraction is to visit the 20,000 lake as it is situated in the Tikauli buffer zone forest and is only 15 km away from our hotel. This forest is connected with Chitwan national park. Lake has been listed in the watershed regions in 2003 and has an area of 3200 hectares. The lake considered rich in biodiversity and natural beauty is also a major tourist attraction. Animals use the corridor forest to change their habitats at certain times of the year. There is Sal forest, a lake, watering holes and swamps where one-horned rhinos, wild boar, deer, monkeys, crocodiles and different species of birds can be seen. This place is good for bird watching. There are various modes of transport available including bicycle, jeep and motorbike.

Crocodile Breeding Center


There are 2 types of crocodile found in Nepal. They are called marsh mugger crocodile and gavial crocodile. Gavial (Gharial) crocodile is known as an endangered species. In the park, a gharial crocodile conservation farm was established in 1978. The purpose of the breeding center is to collect the wild eggs, hatch and release them in the river to secure their future. You can also see the fearsome mugger crocodiles in close up too.

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