Tharu Museum


The Tharu Museum in Sauraha is famous for study and observation of the people of the Tharu community and their culture. The museum exhibits various equipments, utensils, dresses and daily items used by the Tharu community as wee as other aspects of their culture and lifestyle. It is the only Tharu culture museum of Nepal and is located 2 km east of Sauraha.

Elephant Breeding Farm


Of all the animals, elephants are probably the most graceful. Our naturalists will take you to the Hattisar to demonstrate how elephant’s meals are prepared and how they eat in the Elephant Breeding Center. They will explain the nature and habits of elephants. The unique center was established in 1985 for the captive breeding of domesticated elephants so as to avoid the pressure of the wild elephants trapping for domestication.

Jeep Jungle Safari


Drive into the heart of the park for a good chance to spot the rare species. The drive takes you along time-warn trials with great opportunities of viewing big animals. We will get the chance to visit the Kasara Durbar and Crocodile Breeding Center. The center is housed with a number of breeding and hatching ponds to produce and rear the animals until they are ready for release in the wild.

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