Village Tour on Oxcart


76This is the traditional transport of the Tharu people; a cart pulled by pair of oxen. It is good fun to ride on the ox-cart and go to a traditional village to experience their living style. Since the beginning of time the Tharu tribes are used to live here. Our guide will explain about the customs, tradition and culture of the Tharu people. You can see mud & clay-built ochre-colored houses with thatched roofs. These simple, mostly one-room structures with no chimney and no windows seemingly have little to hide from the outside world.

Jungle Walk



Walk out and stretch your legs deep into the forest accompanied by our professional naturalists as they share their extensive knowledge with you on your way to prime spots in quest of rare and endemic species.

Elephant Safari


pimage_sighting-of-rhinos-during-elephant-ride-768x1000Seated high on the back of a trained elephant exploring the grasslands and core area of the park, you become an integral part of the national park. The elephant safaris, though not the most comfortable rides, is an amazing experience. And you will be much fascinated when you see amazing animals few meters away from you.

Elephant Bathing



elephant-bathingJust chill out besides the tranquility of the Budhi Rapti River and watch the appealing elephants taking a bath or if it’s too tempting, join them while taking a dip down the river in the presence of our staffs.

Tharu Cultural Show


Tharus are a typical people of sauraha. This essentially dances performed by local Tharu dance troupes and is a highlight of any visit to Sauraha. Great chances to see and participate in the colorful dances with traditional costumes and music.
Danda Nach (Stick Dance), Ago Nach (Fire Dance), Mayur Nach (Peacock Dance) are some the popular highlights of the culture show which is simply organized for you at hotel in the evening.

Observation Tower


Jungle-Tower-768x1000Stay overnight on the jungle tower The watch tower is built in the deep forest near grassland and a watering hole in the Baghmara buffer zone community forest. It has 3 twin sharing bedrooms. One of the most intense way’s of feeling the jungle is by the overnight stay in the jungle. It is a great place to stay overnight to observe the animals and hear the sounds of the jungle. We will go there with a packed dinner and a certified nature guide in the late afternoon. Be calm and quiet on the 22-feet high wooden tower built in the prime location of the park, which offers you unique chances to see the movements of the animals in the wildness. You can see deer, rhino, and even tiger (if you are lucky). Singing of the birds, the noise of the insects, sound of the monkeys. It’s really amazing what you can hear of sounds coming out of the jungle.

Bird Watching



An early morning walk through the bush and along the Rapti river, is a must go to view many of the exotic birds including the Giant Hornbill, Lesser Florican and Paradise Flycatcher. You will be accompanied by our experienced naturalists to this wonderful birder’s paradise with a sweet taste of Crown’s hospitality.

Tharu Museum


The Tharu Museum in Sauraha is famous for study and observation of the people of the Tharu community and their culture. The museum exhibits various equipments, utensils, dresses and daily items used by the Tharu community as wee as other aspects of their culture and lifestyle. It is the only Tharu culture museum of Nepal and is located 2 km east of Sauraha.

Elephant Breeding Farm


Of all the animals, elephants are probably the most graceful. Our naturalists will take you to the Hattisar to demonstrate how elephant’s meals are prepared and how they eat in the Elephant Breeding Center. They will explain the nature and habits of elephants. The unique center was established in 1985 for the captive breeding of domesticated elephants so as to avoid the pressure of the wild elephants trapping for domestication.

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